Kundalini Yoga and Meditation

Each class contains a kriya (series of coordinated movements, asana, exercise, pranayama), meditation, and relaxation. The classes are open to all levels.


Kundalini Yoga and Gong

A specialized Kundalini Class that features a long gong relaxation/meditation. The Treehouse has three gongs and bells. The weekly gong classes are tremendously healing and rejuvenating. The power of the gong meditation must be experienced to be believed!


The Illumined Woman Kundalini Yoga

This class is a specialized class series for designed by Hari based on the teachings of Kundalini Yoga for women. Areas of study include, relaxation, relationships, cycles, sexuality, healing past traumas, motherhood, aging, etc. All levels and ages welcome. Classes included kriya, meditation, relaxation and discussion.


The Advance

The mission of The Advance is to train participants in "MIND BODY COMMAND" and state change and "EXPERIENCED KUNDALINI", "AWARENESS RISING AND REACHED." The Advance creates an environment of intense exercise that is safe, challenging, creates a sweat that increases the heart beat for a period of aerobic exercise, several rests that encourage the rebound effect and a final meditation, sometimes a relaxation. The Advance creates conversation and relationships between participants but with an "energetic intimacy" not topic intimacy. The Advance has students laughing, talking, relating, sweating, chanting, counting, and contains surprises, creates confusion on purpose, gives the impossible with humor and grace, and creates a deeply meditative state of creativity and possibility.