The study of the Moon Centers is a study of gaining intuition and clarity in the fluctuating energy of emotions, feelings, and dreams. Our emotions are the gatekeepers of body wisdom and happiness. Through community and deep listening, presence and holding space, together we will become less reactive, notice more beauty, and experience more joy in everyday life. If you are interested, please click here.

  • THE ILLUMINED WOMAN - MEDITATION COURSE | Launches May 2018 Click here for more information




    Hari Kaur, author of A Woman’s Book of Yoga and A Woman’s Book of Meditation (Penguin Random House) is launching The Illumined Woman Intensive Training Course. After years of coaching and teaching women, Hari Kaur has organized her notes and is ready to train and transmit the wisdom she has gathered from her experience with Kundalini Yoga and Meditation as well as feminist studies in love, power, sexuality, and beauty.

    The course will include her well known teachings on relationships, the Moon Centers, deep practice of Kundalini meditation and yoga, and conversations about love, power, sex, and beauty. This course is great for teachers of yoga, meditation, women’s studies, all mothers, daughters, sisters and friends.

Illumined Love
Illumined Power
Illumined Sex
Illumined Beauty


    The teachings of Kundalini Yoga can bring you peace of mind, harmonious relationships and the recognition that you are a unique part of a legacy of beauty and power that is timeless. A woman’s psyche naturally contains the entire cosmos. Instead of getting stressed out from the challenges of daily life and the pull of your own psyche to help and heal the world, do something – master your Self with Kundalini energy! With the power of this practice, your peaceful mind can create a peaceful world!

    This brand, Illumined by Hari ™ is dedicated to spreading the teachings of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation, and initiating an ongoing conversation and educational program about beauty, sex, health, happiness and spirituality.



  • To understand the 16 aspects of feminine energy that transform the epidemic of low self esteem and repressed anger to the creative energy that is your birthright.

  • Identify hidden belief systems that create situations which don’t support you. 

  • Handle toxic self talk and transform it to support your right to happiness. 

  • Stop blaming and keeping score, and start living and loving.

  • Illuminate your presence, the birthright of every woman. Do less, get out of the way, be light now.


  • If you are a Kundalini teacher, or teacher of any kind, you can expect to learn and experience enough to teach what you learn and counsel women in the Illumined WomanTM teachings.

  • A daily practice to keep the lights on, to find your way in the dark. You will learn the most relevant transformational practices to help you navigate your life towards happiness.

  • A powerful deep meditation and yoga experience that will shake your world for the better and put you back together healthier, happier, and with more stability.

    Being "Illumined from Within" is deeper than self esteem. "Illumined from Within" is self esteem realized and enjoyed, projecting and shining. "Illumined from within" is a total self love so embodied that it creates a presence that shines into the eyes of those we love and all we connect with and that will enlighten others, and create the deepest fulfillment and expression of our feminine energy.  

    We should be dancing in the dark, making love in the dark, resting in the dark, not living in the darkness and afraid of our own self.

    This is course that will create the BIG SWITCH for you. Switch on the Lights inside yourself. When we look for all our value from outside ourselves, it is like living in the dark. Illuminate from within. The light is there within you, you need only find the switch. The course gives what you need to do just that.

Learn how to put Love in
           so you can share Love out

Learn how to put Power in
           so you can Power Grace & Kindness out

Learn how to put Sacredness in Sex in
           so you can express Sacred Sex out

Learn how to put Beauty in
           so you can radiate Beauty out



  • Course manual and journal that will serve and support you in the future. 

  • A Woman’s Book of Yoga - Embracing Your Natural Life Cycles by Hari Kaur

  • A Woman’s Book of Meditation - The Power of a Peaceful Mind by Hari Kaur

  • The Book of Forgiving by Desmond Tutu

  • Online support group and curriculum for a 40 day follow up in a community of small groups

  • 10 Class pass to Hari NYC to attend any weekly class (Workshops and trainings excluded. Expires in 40 days)

  • Studio time to offer a 2 hour workshop practicum in the Illumined Woman teachings 

  • Support Staff who have studied and are practicing the Illumined Woman teachings.


Launches Monday, Feb 26th | Click Here for more information

The Moon Centers are vortexes of awareness in a woman’s body that trigger creative powers, emotions, memories, and deep sensitivity. The physical locations of the Moon Centers are considered power points of feminine energy that both magnify and hide a woman’s sexuality, power, love, and beauty. Embodying this wisdom can free a woman from her past traumas and bring her more clearly into her power.

This Illumined Woman course is an eight week program designed to reveal the embodied power of your Moon Centers. You will unlock your innate capacity for healing and intuitive feminine wisdom in a unique wisdom circle centered learning experience. Learn meditation and self care techniques based on the teachings of Kundalini Yoga while exploring the personal significance of each Moon Center through deep dialogue in an intimate small group setting.


Launching May 2018 | Click here for more information

I am inspired by your interest in the NYC course, and have heard that many cannot make it to NYC this summer. To reach those who cannot attend, I am sharing an online only component of The Illumined Woman Courses now so you can participate in the early stages of the Illumined Woman high vibration online community.

"A woman’s aura holds herself, her family, her community and the entire cosmos! Instead of getting overwhelmed with all that input - meditate! Share in Community, Lead! In partnership with Sutra (breakthrough community inspired platform) we are offering a new kind of learning experience that will provide the most supportive learning environment possible online, with me." -Hari Kaur

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