Treehouse Sadhana. 
Daily from 5:00 - 7:00 AM. 365 days a year.

Looking for a place to do a Kundalini Yoga sadhana in New York City? The sadhana at the Treehouse has been going strong for more than 3 years and is open every day including holidays. We welcome everyone, locals and visitors, and please come as often as you like, or even just for one time if you are traveling or just want to experience a group sadhana.

No registration necessary, just come to the Treehouse at sadhana time. The Treehouse sadhana is always free, and donations are appreciated (suggested: $5-$10 per sadhana in the red donation jar on the front desk) to help us cover the studio expenses for our daily group practice. Fresh tea served daily.

Current Sadhana at the Treehouse:

Monday, October 28 - Friday, December 6, 2019

40 Day Set “Heart Power & Prosperity”

Our work for the 40 days will focus on the heart as the central transmitter and receiver of communications with the universe about what we trust and believe and what manifests as a result. Depending on what you tell yourself about yourself and send out into the world, the 40 days can be a spa time for the heart to make stronger what you already have, it can be continuing education where you emerge with a wiser heart and a more powerful broadcasting tool, or it can be boot camp where you toss out the old circuitry and put in new gear for updated creative heart powers  - or any combination of those. All of us will heal the heart, strengthen it, and increase its magnetic frequency and reach. Please join to amplify the magic by adding to the group energy. 

Includes: Japji, warm-up, alternating kriyas, relaxation/gong, meditations & chanting

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