Hari has extraordinary skills as a trainer. She has a thorough understanding of the material and a deep spiritual experience that she shares. She works with each student so they can understand and experience the consciousness that Yogi Bhajan longed to share.

Hari will deliver the course with a team of dedicated teachers including Sat Kirn Kaur, Dharm Singh & Chris Chen (anatomy and physiology of Kundalini, meridians and energy bodies).


HARI KAUR is a world recognized expert in Kundalini Yoga and Meditation as taught by Yogi Bhajan. Hari directs and teaches Kundalini yoga classes and teacher trainings, Level 1 and Level 2, in the US and abroad. Prior to moving to NYC she worked directly with Yogi Bhajan for over 10 years, co-directing his Level One Teacher Trainings in New Mexico and India. Hari is also the author of A Woman’s Book of Yoga (Penguin, 2002) with foreword by Yogi Bhajan, and A Woman’s Book of Meditation (Penguin, 2006).

Most recently Hari served as the Director of Education and Training for Golden Bridge NYC (from 2007 to 2009), holding the space vital to establishing this new yoga center in New York City. Hari is now co- founder and Director of Hari NYC, affectionately known as “the treehouse” for the cozy, welcoming and relaxed vibe for study and practice.  Hari is a caring, inspiring, and down to earth teacher, making the powerful and healing teachings of Kundalini Yoga accessible to students of all levels. Inspired by years of study with Yogi Bhajan, Hari continues to serve all who come with smiles, and spirit.

Hari is joined by wonderful guest teacher trainers including  Christopher Chen L.Ac. – Anatomy and Energy Anatomy and healing, Dharm Singh, history and yoga philosophy expert

I am completely committed to the Level One Teacher Training program. Yogi Bhajan, my beloved teacher came to create teachers and not initiate students. I sat at his feet as he trained teachers for many years, and consider leading this program a duty as his student, an honor and a blessing.
— Hari Kaur


YOGI BHAJAN, Master of Kundalini Yoga, arrived in the United States in 1969 with a stated purpose: “I have come to create Teachers, not to gather disciples.” For over 30 years, he traveled internationally teaching Kundalini Yoga, the Yoga of Awareness. In 1969 Yogi Bhajan founded 3HO — the Happy, Healthy, Holy Organization, based on his first principle “Happiness is your birthright.” Through The Aquarian Teacher Program, Yogi Bhajan has trained thousands of KRI Certified Kundalini Yoga Teachers. In 1994, the International Kundalini Yoga Teachers Association, (IKYTA), was formed to further spread these priceless teachings through the united efforts of Kundalini Yoga teachers worldwide.