Womb Wellness: A Kundalini and Womb Reiki Experience

Womb Wellness: A Kundalini and Womb Reiki Experience

A Woman’s Womb creates life, manifests dreams and births creative projects. A Woman’s Womb is her true power center! 

As Hari Kaur states, being illumined from within our Womb is a type of self-love so embodied that it creates the deepest fulfillment and expression of our feminine energy. This workshop integrates yogic movement, breath, and sound along with WOMB REIKI™ to balance and restore power to our Womb center.

We will spiral together releasing tension in the shoulders and sacral while energizing the heart center. 

Cost: $40 pre-registration / $45 day of
Limited sliding scale available - please contact royalmothering@gmail.com

Benefits of WOMB REIKI™ include:
Enhance fertility
Clear Womb trauma
Attune Womb vibration
Dissipate negative energy
Spark creative energy
Awakens sensual nature
Harmonize the Womb
Create balance within the reproductive organs

Sangeet Raj Kaur is a doula, Kundalini Yoga Instructor and Khalsa Way® fertility & prenatal yoga teacher. She offers energy healing services as a certified WOMB REIKI™ practitioner.

Yoga-Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (Y-CBT) with  Julie Greiner-Ferris and Manjit Kaur Khalsa

Yoga-Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (Y-CBT) with Julie Greiner-Ferris and Manjit Kaur Khalsa


Introduction Morning Class

Yoga Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a new and exciting, research based psychological paradigm that combines the scientifically documented effects of yoga with traditional CBT. This integrative model addresses anxiety and depression by treating physical and cognitive symptoms simultaneously.

Presenters: Julie Greiner-Ferris LICSW & Manjit Kaur Khalsa Ed.D., authors of “The Yoga-CBT Workbook for Anxiety:” published by New Harbinger Publications (2017) available on Amazon.

Cost: $70

Y-CBT for Teachers — Afternoon class

In this half-day training, yoga teachers and students will learn how to help others manage anxiety using The Yoga-CBT Workbook for Anxiety. A recommended class outline will be provided.

Recommended: students enroll in the Introduction to Y-CBT offered at 9:00 am on the same day

Cost: $70


Dr. Manjit Kaur Khalsa Ed.D., co-creator of Yoga - Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (Y-CBT) is a highly experienced Psychologist, practicing at Riverside Community Care @Upton, and in Private Practice in Millis, MA. President of Sikh Dharma of MA, which oversees the Guru Ram Das Ashram and Yoga at the Ashram, in Millis, Massachusetts.


Julie Greiner-Ferris is a Licensed Independent Social Worker with more than 25 years of experience in the treatment of mental health issues. A graduate of Boston College GSSW, she is co-creator of Yoga - Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (Y-CBT), and is currently the Program Director of Outpatient Services at Riverside Community Care, in Upton, Massachusetts.