Sadhana at the Treehouse - Long Ek Ong Kar's

Sadhana at the Treehouse - Long Ek Ong Kar's

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Doors open at 4:00am. Japji and warm ups until 4:30am, and then the start of 2 1/2 hours of chanting Ek Ong Kar Sat Nam Siri Wahe Guru.

"These eight syllables are the “code” letters, the direct personal phone number connecting you, the creature, with your Creator. It has been said that by chanting this ashtang (eight-part) mantra correctly for 40 days, for two and one-half hours before sunrise a person can attain liberation."

If you wish to lead sadhana, email

Sound Healing Attuning w/ Dharma Devi

Sound Healing Attuning w/ Dharma Devi

Dharma Devi will guide a beautiful Kundalini Yoga Kriya to synchronize your heart and your mind so you will be fully open to receive the 1-hour sound healing experience.  

Cost: $25 Preregister here. $30 at door.


Jazz at the Treehouse

Jazz at the Treehouse

The Treehouse All-Stars - Dave Frank, piano, Richard Tabnik, alto sax, Jimmy Halperin, tenor sax, Frank Canino, bass and BIlly Mintz, drums, will be playing for your sitting and dancing pleasure. Join some of NYC's greatest jazz artists in a unique loft setting!

Entry fee is a measly $10. 

Level 2 Teacher Training: Life Cycles & Life Styles w/ Krishna Kaur & Hari Kaur

Level 2 Teacher Training: Life Cycles & Life Styles w/ Krishna Kaur & Hari Kaur

Life Cycles & Life Styles
w/ Krishna Kaur & Hari Kaur

October 7-8-9 & November 3-4-5

“Your personality changes because the consciousness changes after every 7 years. That’s a set brainwave to which man has no control. You can think. You can plan. You can strategize. After every 11 years, your intelligence will change. These are the things over which you have no control. After 18 years, your lifestyle will change. It will not be the same because your energy, your maturity, your experience will force you to change.” -Yogi Bhajan

Krishna Kaur is a dynamic and heart centered teacher.  She is certified by the 3HO Foundation and the Kundalini Research Institute as a Kundalini Yoga Teacher and Trainer of both Level I and II. She is the regional coordinator for 3HO Africa.  Krishna founded Y.O.G.A. for Youth, a non-profit organization dedicated to training yoga teachers to work with at-risk youth and creating yoga programs in schools and juvenile facilities.

Hari Kaur, Director of Hari NYC, author of A Woman's Book of Yoga and A Woman's Book of Meditation, a certified Kundalini Teacher, and Lead Trainer for Level I and Level II.  Hari also founded Seva In The City, a non-profit organization dedicated to mobilizing and educating yoga teachers to serve the needs of their local communities, and The Illumined Woman™ courses dedicated to empowering and uplifting women through Kundalini Yoga, and practices that enhance their physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing.

This Level 2 course focuses on understanding the stages and cycles of our lives and how we can create healthy habits and develop a more spiritual lifestyle.

In this training you will explore and understand these areas of life:

  • Early Childhood: Renewing Your Hidden Self-Concept

  • Adolescence and the Cultivation of Promoting Habits

  • Prime Adulthood: Productivity, Prosperity, and Sharing

  • Maturity and Midlife Crises: Transmitting Values and Legacy

  • Elder Years: Character, Integrity and Merger

Upon completion of this training, you will be able to:

  • Identify habits, attitudes and practices that help or hinder your life in the present, past and future.

  • Examine and map out the stages and cycles of life.

  • Learn to understand the nature of death and learn to live fearlessly.

  • Renew your self-concept by discovering your purpose and destiny for living an extraordinary life.

  • Get a sense of the entire cycle of destiny and meditate on all the cycles we progress through.


Every 18 years, the physical body goes through a process of maturity and change. We call this the Cycle of Life Energy. Every 11 years, the way you apply what you know to solving problems changes. The horizon of the intelligence expands. We call this the Cycle of Intelligence. And every 7 years, the fundamental sense of your identity evolves. It deepens, building on the wisdom of past experiences. We call this the Cycle of Consciousness.

These cycles are built into the structure of the human body. The yogis investigated and discovered these subtle but accurate cycles encoded in the brain and the glands. Understanding these cycles and how they impact your life is a powerful aspect of Kundalini Yoga. These teachings about the Lifecycles are part of Yogi Bhajan’s teachings on Humanology – the science of realizing the full potential of the human being.

Cost: $1,008 before Sept. 15th and $1,250 after. 
Call 212-465-0606 for more information - all interested students are welcome.

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