Winter Solstice Cacao Ceremony w/ Swaranpal & Bhajan Akal

Winter Solstice Cacao Ceremony w/ Swaranpal & Bhajan Akal

Winter Solstice Cacao Ceremony | Warming the Hearth and Heart
w/ Swaranpal & Bhajan Akal

Cost: $45 pre-register / $55 day of

The longest night of the year was originally called Yule, meaning wheel- the end and beginning of the solar year.  As our beings move into that natural rhythm of semi-hibernation of deep winter, we will journey into the safe darkness of the shamanic dream space.  Here we will let go the old stories into the fire of rebirthing,  open our hearts with the warmth of sacred Cacao and rest in sacred vibrations of ancient medicinal instruments.  Take this fire, take this hot cacao let them remind you when you need it most that the light and the warmth will return to life once again.

Come and dive into the meditative rhythm of deep winter shamanic dream space with Swaranpal Kaur and Bhajan Akal with the sacred medicine of Union; raw Ecuadorian Cacao! The longest night of the year will be honored with a Altar based live sound meditation- multi lineage Cacao ceremony;  weaving together the unified elements of Kundalini Yoga, Tantric Tibetan Buddhism meditations, tribal dance, culminating in a extended sound bath.The ceremony and sound bath will feature Nepalese, Southern China, and German planetary gongs, shamanic drums, Flutes, and various other mystical instruments supported by chakra based light. 

A Christmas Workshop w/ Rhandir

A Christmas Workshop w/ Rhandir

A Christmas Workshop w/ Rhandir
Ahimsa Time | Non-Hurting of Self and Others For Inner and Outer Harmony

Tuesday, December 25th / 10am-12pm

Cost: $35

A calm and peaceful world is the promise of the Christmas season, but it can only happen if no battle rages in our hearts and minds.  With stress and pressures even greater around the holidays, how do we find that inner peace? The first of the Yamas within Patanjali Eight Limbs of Yoga leads the way: Ahimsa, or Non-violence.  Practicing Ahimsa means not harming anyone physically or mentally, and that includes violent thoughts against others and ourselves. Join us for Kundalini Yoga on Christmas Day to transform your inner battlefields and redirect your energy into compassion, love, self-love and understanding which radiates into our surroundings and manifests a new reality of harmony that is true inside and out.  

New Year’s Eve Yogic Celebration at Hari’s Treehouse w/ Padmani Ajeet & Randhir

New Year’s Eve Yogic Celebration at Hari’s Treehouse w/ Padmani Ajeet & Randhir

Begins 9:30pm
Celebration ends at 12:30 am, doors close at 1:00 am

Cost: $50 pre-registration before Dec 27 / $65 there after

One of the best ways to spend New Year’s Eve in health and happiness: Kundalini Yoga, meditation, and chanting through midnight in the community of your spiritual family and loved ones at the Treehouse.

Aligned with the numerology of 2019 - the number 3 - we will focus on the qualities the number represents: equality, positive mind, and willpower. We will set the vibration, amplify it through our hearts and voices, and then begin the new year with positive power and love for new possibilities.

The practice is suitable for everyone including absolute beginners, so please bring your friends and family for the experience. The set is designed to build strong group energy slowly through movement, mantra, breath, and rhythm, and to be easy enough for everyone to keep up and enjoy.  Warm-ups start at 9:30, and shortly before midnight we will start the chant and gong meditation for the transition into 2019.

Please join us for this amazing night and charge your total self and others with new energy and joy. Our celebration works great on its own or as a preparation for a long night and anything that comes after.

*pre-registration required and please register early as the event will most likely sell out. A limited number of tickets may be available the night of, but we cannot guarantee walk-ins.

Awakening into the Grace of this 10 Year Cycle w/ Gurutej Khalsa

Awakening into the Grace of this 10 Year Cycle w/ Gurutej Khalsa

Awakening into the Grace of this 10 Year Cycle
w/ Gurutej Khalsa
Sunday, January 6 / 1:00 - 4:00 pm

Cost: $40 pre-register / $45 day of

How to understand the absolute of a 10 year cycle and use it to support you.  

Do you feel overwhelmed by your life? The to much to do and not enough time. Truth be told not enough space either. Most people feel that way now. I want to help you learn how to stop and have the skills and tools to stretch time and space in the moment.  

Creating the habits that support you remembering to stop and do what is necessary as you race through life. 
Do you ever find yourself being impatient, judgmental, bossy?
Do you find yourself pushing for things to get done faster?
Do you find that people who don’t grasp things at the same pace as you are aggravating?
Are you feeling worn out from all this?

This is the year to learn patience. Not one more thing to do.  Learning to stretch time and space will serve you as you serve by becoming more vast.

This will give you more inner peace, and patience
You will get priceless tools to truly start living your life
You will have the chance to see stretching time and space is within your grasp
You will have an experience of how you can do this in the moment
You will get a practice you can use to build the new muscles you need to remember  and implement these techniques in the moment. 

Do you want more vastness in your life? Do you want more FLOW? Do you want more ease? Then this is truly a vital part of your having those very aspects become part of you and your life. Stretching Time and Space is what will truly bring you more patience and grace.  


Gurutej - the spirit of all she touches. As one of Yogi Bhajan’s original students, Gurutej emerged as a founding practitioner of Kundalini. Through his instruction and spiritual guidance, Gurutej is now considered a foremost authority on Kundalini Yoga and internationally recognized as one of a handful of Kundalini Yoga Masters.  

As a prolific writer, Gurutej is an author to 3 popular books including: A Slice of the Beloved: Connection for Relationships, The Moon She Rocks You: Revealing the Secrets of Women’s Inner Emotions, and, The 13th Month: How to Get an Extra 29 Days Each Year. She has also developed transformative powerful online courses: The Moon She Rocks You, Empower Your Essence, and I Am Empowered.  

She has worked with many businesses including, Michael Starr, Disney heads, Big Buddha Babba, Urgent Care Centers, Khalsa Mcbreaty Accounting and many more.