Plant Vibrational Therapy with Crystal (Randhir Priya Kaur)

Plant Vibrational Therapy with Crystal (Randhir Priya Kaur)

Cost: $45 pre-register, $50 day of

Join Crytsal R. Priya for a Group Healing Transformational Workshop. The sound of healing plants, as they are growing from the Earth, will electromagnetically transmit HAPPY and HEALTHY vibrations from Your Past to your Present into your own stem cells.

This is a multi-cultural, multi-disciplinary and a NEW highly experiential approach to your healing on molecular level! You will experience the most powerful effect of your own innate PRIMORDIAL SOUL SOUND and the vibrational UNIQUE signals of alive growing plants as healing alive organisms!

With humming, drumming, breath, imagery, and movement.

You will experience:

  • Aura clearing & energy Blocks shifting

  • Removing other people's negative influences.

  • Unexpected healing

  • Chakra balancing

  • Strengthening of your intuition

  • Connection with the source

  • and your INNER TRUE SELF

You can bring your crystals and a bottle of water to charge and amplify the energy.

Artwork by Danielle "Bhavya" Winter —

Purchase her work at ABC Carpet and Home — A Portion of her proceeds goes to to support many projects and education for children at a holistic school in Bihar, North India

Womb Wellness: A Kundalini and Womb Reiki Experience with Sangeet Raj

Womb Wellness: A Kundalini and Womb Reiki Experience with Sangeet Raj

Cost: $40 pre-registration / $45 day of

Limited sliding scale available - please contact

A Woman’s Womb creates life, manifests dreams and births creative projects. A Woman’s Womb is her true power center!

As Hari Kaur states, being illumined from within our Womb is a type of self-love so embodied that it creates the deepest fulfillment and expression of our feminine energy. This workshop integrates yogic movement, breath, and sound along with WOMB REIKI™ to balance and restore power to our Womb center.

We will spiral together releasing tension in the shoulders and sacral while energizing the heart center. 

Benefits of WOMB REIKI™ include:
Enhance fertility
Clear Womb trauma
Attune Womb vibration
Dissipate negative energy
Spark creative energy
Awakens sensual nature
Harmonize the Womb
Create balance within the reproductive organs

Sangeet Raj Kaur is a doula, Kundalini Yoga Instructor and Khalsa Way® fertility & prenatal yoga teacher. She offers energy healing services as a certified WOMB REIKI™ practitioner.

Blue Lotus Dream Ceremony with Jem Wong

Blue Lotus Dream Ceremony with Jem Wong

Cost: $45 pre-register, $50 day of

As the nights of longer slumber start to roll in, fall deeper into sleep with Blue Lotus. Blue Lotus was sacred across continents but especially to the ancient Egyptians. It is an ancestral flower of intuition, known to invoke deep meditation, enhance higher chakra functioning and motivate conscious dreaming. If you have difficulty achieving restful sleep, Blue Lotus’s meditative effects will help you achieve a more nourishing, blissful sleep while experiencing clearer, more colorful dreams, as well as bringing clarity to the complexities of life. Dreams are the most easily accessible doors to higher consciousness and intuitive insight into your life. Dreamwork is the practice of accessing and exploring conscious dreaming states for the purpose of inspiring creativity and promoting a state of flow in our daily lives. The effects of the Blue Lotus are mildly euphoric, relaxing the mind and warming the body. Held in ceremony, we will meditate and bathe in sound before we part ways into a magical evening of slumber with a personal talisman and tools to aid sleep. 

Please do not eat 2 hours before the ceremony to let the plant spirit have her full effect.


Jem is an intuitive healer and Kundalini yoga teacher. Believing that all we need is within ourselves, Jem utilizes Kundalini Yoga as a way to facilitate a space for students to hold a greater connection to with their inner strength to align with who they’ve always been, and live life fuller. She is also a Reiki Master, as well as a life-long student and graduate of various forms of energy work. She draws upon a vast array of methods in her grounded and practical approach to both the mystical and meaningful practices that uplift all. She fosters internal alchemy that translates into external results, leading to a feeling of wellbeing and readiness to take on the world.