Free to Feel: Yoga & Art for Softening the Heart with Anne Koller

Free to Feel: Yoga & Art for Softening the Heart with Anne Koller

Free to Feel: Yoga & Art for Softening the Heart
with Anne Koller

Cost $40 pre-register / $45 day of

Living can sometimes feel like a battle where we strap on protective armor to avoid getting hurt or taken advantage of. What would it be like to live from a strong and steady inner space? How can we melt the edges around the heart? How can we soften into love and grace and live from a place of strength, trust and love?

When we do yoga, we allow ourselves to go within and be with our feelings, sensations and desires. We feel safe enough to access areas of hardness and tension, pain and pleasure. And often times we receive clear insight and messages from this colorful garden within that leave us once we get off the mat. Ever wish you had a pen and paper next to you during yoga class to capture those inner morsels of insight?

In this 2.5 hour workshop we will tap into the creative force laying stagnant in your spine and create from emotions in this Yoga meets art workshop that will utilize the gifts of Kundalini kriya, pranayama, poetry, music and meditation to support the softening of your heart and its expression of color on your own canvas to take home. A light snack will be provided as well.

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Anne Koller is a poet, author and emotional awareness facilitator who believes that diving into the spectrum of human emotions is the only way to live free. In her first book of poetry,  Free to Feel , she celebrates the intersection between emotions and the creative arts. Anne has been a KRI certified Kundalini Yoga & Meditation teacher as taught by Yogi Bahajan for six years and was trained by the Treehouse’s vary own, Hari Kaur Khalsa. Anne has been featured in Huffington Post, Today Show, YogaCity NYC, SONOMIA and Reach MD for her work in emotional wellness training, specifically in water healing and mindfulness. Anne currently resides in California and is thrilled to be returning to NYC and her home studio – the Treehouse – in May. More about Anne at:

Spring Training! A Prosperity Workshop w/ Sarah Padmani Ajeet

Spring Training! A Prosperity Workshop w/ Sarah Padmani Ajeet

Cost: $66

Spring forward out of winters hibernation and get moving towards abundance.

We will explore 25-30 minute bursts of high-intensity aerobics. These kriyas propel us forward, providing us the energy needed to hold onto our blessings. Then we will dive deep into the prosperity teachings of Yogi Bhajan and meditate to integrate them on a cellular level.

“Green energy” emanates from anahata; our heart center. Green symbolizes nature’s growth, health, and prosperity. When we meditate from the heart we are fully able to tap into our own life force. This is what enables us to manifest abundance and prosperity.

Connect to the flow of opportunities coming your way when you activate the heart center and go fearlessly deep into your own unique prosperity.

Bring a notebook, pen, water bottle, and comfortable workout clothes.

Sarah (Padmani Ajeet) has been working in the fitness industry as a personal trainer in Manhattan for over a decade and teaching kundalini at the Treehouse since 2016.

She is passionate about sharing her in-depth knowledge of exercise science in concert with the bountiful teachings of Yogi Bhajan.  Through her training business, ALL SEASON STRONG, she facilitates workouts and meditations that are in line with the energy of season for optimum health and happiness.