The Illumined Woman The Red Tent Event – A Secrets of Kundalini Yoga Deep Dive

Join Hari, Heidi Lovie, Lic. Ac., and Dharma Devi of Shakti Dance for an Illumined Woman Kundalini Yoga Series.

All Seven Thursday Evening Sessions:  Oct. 29, Nov. 5,12,19, and Dec. 3,10,17 6:30-9:00pm

Each session: pre-register online $40.00 or $50.00 cash/check at the door


Session 6: Wisdom and the Moon Centers. The Flow of a Woman’s Psyche.

Our Illumined Woman Series wraps up with a kundalini conversation of energy the Moon Centers. This conversation contains all that we have studied so far. 

The Moon Centers study stimulates a conversation of how we flow through our lives and our minds and bodies. How can we make life more graceful and enjoyable? How can we be conscious and ever evolving with wisdom and self-acceptance? How can we claim and pass on our wisdom with our children and our communities?

This is the study of a Woman’s Wisdom. This is the conversation of Kundalini.- the flow and rhythm and movement of our lives. This is the conversation that addresses: What is feminine energy, how can I feel it, how can I feel good about myself?

Learn: The Moon Centers and Meditations that balance them. 

Experience: the vastness of your mind and psyche. How to stay in the flow and love your moods, your extremes, yourself.

Take Away: Mind blowing insights and wisdom to guide you a lifetime.


“I have reached out for a team to work with in presenting these amazing teachings with women and for women and we are ready to launch! Join us for this beautiful series that will be a deep dive for seekers, teachers, practitioners, and all women desiring the company of each other for personal evolution and the harmony of feminine and masculine energies.” - Hari.

The Illumined Woman The teachings of Kundalini Yoga can bring you peace of mind, harmonious relationships and the recognition that you are a unique part of a legacy of beauty that is timeless. A woman’s psyche naturally contains the entire cosmos. Instead of getting stressed out from the challenges of daily life and the pull of your own psyche to help and heal the world, do something – Kundalini yoga! With the power of this practice, your peaceful mind can create a peaceful world! This brand, Illumined by Hari ™ is dedicated to spreading the teachings of Kundalini Yoga for Women, and initiating an ongoing conversation and educational program about relationships, beauty, sex, health, happiness and spirituality.

7 Sessions 7-Year Cycles of Consciousness

Practice, Share, Relax, Grow, Enjoy