Shakti Dance is a Yoga System, integrated with Dance,  based on Kundalini Yoga. It is based on 8 phases which are all linked together to create harmony within and revitalize our body.  Our body is equally a storage for consciousness and old patterns. Old patterns trigger unconscious misbehavior and reactions, while consciousness unlocks our potential.  In this 3 hour workshop Dharma Devi will share with you how we can release old patterns from the body and use consciousness to transform our outer and inner experience. 


COST: $35.00 pre-register online, $40.00 cash day of at studio



Teacher: Dharma Devi has performed as an Indian classical dancer for over 10 years, while she was also deepening her yoga study and practice. Dharma is also the founder of Rasa Healing Arts which has been created in over 20 years of work and study. Dharma Devi is the only Shakti Dance™ Lead Trainer available in the U.S., and for this reason, she travels often to bring Shakti Dance™, the Yoga of Dance, to wherever it is requested. Besides sharing Shakti Dance™ with as many people as possible, Dharma is also a Kundalini Yoga Teacher Trainer certified by K.R.I. Dharma is living now on the east coast of the U.S.

We happily welcome Dharma Devi to the Treehouse teaching staff