In this active, experiential workshop, we will explore techniques, designed to help participants reach their full Creative Potential.

Dreamwork: How to interpret powerful symbols that come to you through your dreams. Extremely useful when starting any kind of new project, especially in the exercise where students will Do a Dream Assignment, where they consciously ask their Creative Source to give them a dream the night before the class. (In this workshop it will be, “How can I reach my full Creative Potential?”)

Active Imagination: How to actively engage with the power symbols that come to you through dreams, guided meditations and relaxation exercises, so that you can harness and incorporate them into your creative projects and your life.

Voice Dialogue: An incredibly useful tool in working with the different “Selves”, or energy bodies stored inside you, so that your Aware ego has a better chance of driving your psyche and you can make more clear choices, i.e. -learning to tap into the inner child’s innocent wisdom and creative play aspects, working with the Inner critic so that his/her contributions become more constructive, rather then destructive.

Ritual: The next step after you have contacted the symbols from your Unconscious, where you integrate this information INTO YOUR BODY, bridging the Conscious with the Unconscious Mind, using a combination of sound, movement and symbols to tap into your Creative Fire.

Cost: $30. Preregister here. Sliding scale available. No one will be turned away because of money. All proceeds donated to the studio to support readings from the Guru Granth Sahib. 

Michael Ker’s training is steeped in the work of Robert Johnson, Hal Stone, and Sandra Seacat. He began (over 20-years ago) working with actors to help them integrate their dreams and Inner-work into their film projects, but it evolved into something greater. He has been working with Creative types from across the spectrum, ranging from actors, to writers, to painters, to scientists, to yoga teachers -- for over two decades and is passionate about helping people reach their full Creative Potential.

He is an award winning filmmaker, Moth Story Slam Winner, Kundalini Yoga teacher, proud father & Surfing fanatic. Credits include, Never Date An Actress, staring Naomi Watts, Broken Vessels, “Best Film” winner at LA Film Festival. He has directed and produced pilots for MTV, Showtime and has Executive Produced series for ABC-Family & A&E Networks. Currently he has a tv pilot (a one-hour drama) called “Wide Open” in development with NBC-Universal on which he is also a Co-Executive Producer.

“Michael is one of the most Creative People I know. He is only one out of a handful of people I allow to teach my method.”

--Sandra Seacat, (acting teacher to Mickey Rourke and Jessica Lange )    

"Michael Ker is a rare and amazing teacher. Michael's training and experience allow him to work with each person to truly bring them closer to their potential. His work is authentic and I trust him to guide me inward and forward."

--Corey Parker (actor over 20 films and tv shows)

"Engaging in this form of dreamwork is both fun and deeply profound. Michael 's loving presence of awareness is a gift! This is a MUST for anyone who is interested in being truly alive."

--Aaron Ogden (Yoga Teacher, Aaron and The Art of Transformation)