We’re in this Together - Applied Tantra as taught by Yogi Bhajan w/ Liam Pfeiffer

Yogi Bhajan was a teacher of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation for THIS age. The challenges of these times can bring us closer instead of dividing us further. Its up to us to find ways to become stronger instead of weaker. We can create new possibilities together. The idea of group meditation and consciousness is not new, but is needed now more than ever.

Liam has lead two early morning Sadhana programs at the Treehouse, the first 40 days of a 2.5 hour practice, and most recently the 60 day early morning Rocket Ship Sadhana ending on December 15th. As a result of these meditations together we have developed an unshakable happiness in the face of these challenges. Come together and learn to meditate together. This class will focus on partner exercises and venus kriyas that can help us see the best in each other. Sweat, laugh, meditate deeply, and relax. Let’s affirm our solidarity in spirit for peace, uplifting all, and helping each other.

Cost: $30. Register here before April. 29th.