Join us to open our New Year with 3 fresh perspectives on these 3 Devine practices. With 3 talented teachers! We will begin with a brief talk to open the event as well as welcome all that attend.

Followed by a Kriya to open and activate our foundation and clear the way for a new experience of support to emerge for our New Year! A meditation to further nurture our relationship with prosperity will close our practice, followed by deep relaxation and gong therapy by Mark Hartman.

Food and drink will be served and an opportunity to relax and socialize on this day of celebration will lead us to a fun group gratitude activity, to open our minds and hearts to all that is new.

Our workshop will conclude with Kundalini rhythms a fresh new perspective and practice taught by teacher and trainer Dharma Devi. A modality to free old emotions, and explore them in a safe, creative and fun way. Kundalini Rhythms© is very simple and enjoyable technique, which alternates free movement and guided movement, to end into a deep sound healing relaxation and deep meditation to clear your mind and find a renewed focus for the new year!

We Look forward to this great opportunity to connect and celebrate with you on this beautiful day of renewal!

Sat Nam and happy holidays!

Cost: $45. Register here before Dec. 30th and receive $5 off. Special couples / partner pricing - buy 2 for $60!

Chris Coppola is an Intuitive Counsellor and Kundalini Yoga and meditation instructor. His Intuitive work with clients has brought him to a new understanding of energetic health and practice that he shares through this course. Created to outline all of the core perspectives he has learned on this subject, through years of personal practice, and close study with some of today’s leading teachers, the course shows that through engaging these issues energetically, we can go under the story instead of engaging with it. And only by taking responsibility for that story’s creation, we can finally start to uncover the inner practices that sustain this energetic and physical environment of Lack. From this space of inner awareness and intent we can begin new practices that cultivate our inner environment of wealth and gratitude as outlined in this course, To finally see a new story based on that inner environment emerge.