Shakti Dance™ is the yoga of dance inspired on Kundalini Yoga as taught by yogi Bhajan, and it is the perfect fusion between the Creativity of Dance and the Wisdom of Yoga.

Shakti Dance™ is at the same time an amazing and unique technique, which gradually guides you into a new dimension of well-being and awareness infusing grace, elegance and a new level of consciousness. Profoundly healing and enriching, Shakti Dance™ brings sacredness into our lives.

Shakti Dance™ is structured into 8 phases all interconnected to develop a gentle and harmonious flow of energy and to create balance and strength.

This specific workshop we will celebrate the Mother within, to heal, to grow, to move on and give life to that beautiful being your are!

Yogi Bhajan, the Master of Kundalini Yoga, has blessed Shakti Dance™ in 2001; however, Shakti Dance™ is not Kundalini Yoga, it is only inspired to.

Cost: early bird special $40 pre-register online before May 5th or $45 cash/check at the door

About Dharma Devi:

Dharma Devi is a creative Italian woman who recently moved to the U.S. in response to a personal spiritual call.

Whoever has had the privilege to know her since long time knows very well how many talents she has. Not only Dharma carries an extensive knowledge about Yoga philosophy and its techniques, but also she has a deep love and respect for all kind of spiritual paths, and her passion about art, theater and dance has accompanied her since forever. In fact, she has been trained and she has performed as Indian Classical Dancer, and classical theater actress since very young.

Dharma has been practicing yoga since childhood, and she has extensively practiced Hatha Yoga as the old tradition taught by Siri Aurobindo for over 15 years. In 1999-2000 she started practicing Kundalini Yoga, which has brought an incredible and intense wave of transformation into her life.

After a long and disciplined training which has brought her to move to Rome from Turin, she has become an instructor of Kundalini Yoga and then a Teacher Trainer as well.

Dharma Devi has been learning Shakti Dance directly from Sara Avtar since when Avtar started to share this amazing technique with the world. In fact, Dharma was one of the first teachers trained by Sara Avtar in Europe over 10 years ago. She is now one of the two Lead Trainers of Shakti Dance available in the world besides Avtar, and she has the responsibility to share the teaching of Shakti Dance in the America Continent.