You are invited to the first in our winter "pop-up" sadhana series! This sadhana is specially designed to help you make the most of the New Year, including powerful yoga set and meditations for deep balance, profound joy, and freedom from the influence of karma.

We are practicing as a group for 6 days, from Jan. 5 - 10. Our start date is the birthday of Guru Gobind Singh, the Tenth Guru of the Sikhs, who embodied a saint's grace, a warrior's power, and whose arrows were said to always hit the mark. We will practice for 6 days, 6 being the number that embodies prayerful projection. And we will finish on 1/10 in a numerological 10 year, which will seal and multiply our intentions and invite ease in our accomplishments.

So before you have a chance to waver in your resolutions, dive deep! Step up your game!

Doors open 4:45am.
Tune in: 5:00am.
Kriya for the Vagus Nerve, Gyan Chakra Kriya (11 min), Ganpatti Kriya (31 min) and gong everyday! Lead by Dev Atma
Group clean up and departure by 7:00am. Optional Japji chanting after clean up.

Donations appreciated.

Thank you for all you do to support us. We hope you will come and receive our support, too.

We at the Treehouse are here to hold the space to embrace your grace.