Noel Graupner is offering An Ayruvedic Spring seasonal cleanse or home Panchakarma that includes diet and herbal purification practices aimed at helping the body identify stored winter fat tissue as useable energy, resetting the metabolic function and digestive capacity of all the tissue layers of the body. Accumulated and stored toxins are brought to the surface of tissues and gently escorted out through elimination channels. The results of the Spring Panchakarma are empowered digestive and immune systems as well as purified mind to transition gracefully and energetically from the heavy, dulled winter into the light, auspicious Springtime.

The HariNYC kitchari cleanse will be offered April 16th-22nd in 3-, 5, and 7- day packages, and will include a daily 3-meal supply of Ayurvedic kitchari*, daily herbal tisanes*, a jar of Noel's homemade ghee*, and a pouch of triphala*. Morning yoga is recommended. A complete toolkit containing Ayurvedic cleansing tools and oils (herbalized body massage oil, herbalized oil-pulling oil, herbalized nasa oil, copper tongue scraper, copper neti pot, thymed-neti salt) may also be purchased separately for $130 (please inquire).

*Daily kitchari and tisanes may be picked up at HariNYC during the cleanse week between 7:30-8:30am.
*Participants may join in for a cleanse at any point during the week, there is no set start date for the 3- or 5- day cleanses.
*All organic ingredients

3 day- $100
5 day- $160
7 day- $200

inquiries to:

Noël Graupner is an Ayurvedic Nutritionist and cook twice Board Certified with the American Association of Drugless Practioners for Ayurvedic Holistic Nutrition and Holistic Health Counseling. Trained by Dr. Arun Sharma in Dharamshala, India, and Dr. Naina Marballi in New York City in ancient Ayurvedic tradition, as well as the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in more than one hundred dietary theories, she uses a variety of practical lifestyle counseling methods to work with people who are looking to improve, restore, and maintain their vital health. Shel helps clients get excited about the relationship between food and health through private counseling, workshops, seminars and private cooking. Find more information on Noël and Ayurveda at