Dharma Devi will guide you during a beautiful Kundalini Yoga Kriya to synchronize your heart and your mind so that both will be fully open to receive the sound healing experience. 

After the kriya Dharma will use a simple but effective combination of Gong vibration, Crystal singing bawls and delta wave music to induce your mind to deeply relax. As a result, this combination will allow to better absorb these natural healing waves, and create a better balanced mind by synchronizing the two brain's hemispheres, and lastly but not less important, the sound of these magical instruments will help the nervous system to release stress naturally and without any additional stress to the body and the mind.

This workshop will be all about sound, yoga and healing. It is open to everyone also to beginners.

Please be aware that the entire sound healing session is about 1hour long. Do not eat too much before class bring whatever you need to practice and relax comfortably.

Cost: $25 Preregister here. $30 at door.

Dharma Devi's bio: 

Dharma Devi is a long time yoga practitioner. Her personal practice stretches over 30 years and embrace differente techniques and traditions. 

As yoga teacher Dharma has been teaching between Europe and the U.S. for over 20 years, and she always add to her Kundalini Yoga class a taste of sound healing because she believes in the power of the sound as source of harmony and balance.

Holding a Master degree in anthropology of performance Dharma is aware of the healing power of art such as music. That awareness brought her to study sound healing with a special friend and great musician back when she was still living in Rome. From this program she understand how to use the sound of gong to balance energies, open chakras, and release stress. 

Dharma Devi is also a very well experienced Healer and the U.S. Shakti Dance Lead Trainer.

She teaches at HariNYC regularly on Thursdays.  

Please note, if you are within your 120 days of your pregnancy you might not be able to attend the workshop, please contact the teacher Dharma Devi for more information at this e-mail: dharmakaur76@gmail.com