Please join the Sadhana Junkies at the Treehouse!

Our Laya Yoga Sadhana will begin with a physical kriya to energize and prepare for the mantra to vibrate within. After the kriya, we awaken with Sat Kriya for 22 minutes. Followed by Laya Yoga for 31 minutes of chanting and singing the sacred mantra.

If you have a drop box, feel free to listen to the mantra music here.

The Sadhana Team is excited to begin again and feel the powerful benefits and magic that comes from being together.

4:55. Doors Open
5:00. Tune in for the Kriya
6:00. Sat Kriya
6:20. Laya Yoga
6:55. Transition to your beautiful day

You are welcome to attend one or many as your heart and discipline lead you to the practice.

Sadhana is donation based and no preregistration required! If you are interested in leading a day please email