A Christmas Workshop w/ Rhandir
Ahimsa Time | Non-Hurting of Self and Others For Inner and Outer Harmony

Tuesday, December 25th / 10am-12pm

Cost: $35

A calm and peaceful world is the promise of the Christmas season, but it can only happen if no battle rages in our hearts and minds.  With stress and pressures even greater around the holidays, how do we find that inner peace? The first of the Yamas within Patanjali Eight Limbs of Yoga leads the way: Ahimsa, or Non-violence.  Practicing Ahimsa means not harming anyone physically or mentally, and that includes violent thoughts against others and ourselves. Join us for Kundalini Yoga on Christmas Day to transform your inner battlefields and redirect your energy into compassion, love, self-love and understanding which radiates into our surroundings and manifests a new reality of harmony that is true inside and out.