Hari Kaur Monday 7pm 25th
With special sound meditation relaxation with Mark Hartman and friends. 

Primary school children are in need of financial assistance for basic education. 

Children who live in villages of Northern India, bordering Pakistan are studying in Punjab government schools that do not have the proper infrastructure in classrooms and playgrounds, and school materials. The families are so poor that they can't afford school clothes and basic supplies. Because they live in rural areas near the border of Northern India where political tension exists, help never reaches them, and they suffer greatly as victims. 

My friend Amarjeet Singh, a school teacher who also runs several non-profit organizations, has taken on this project personally, along with a few dedicated volunteers.  Their desire is bring changes in the lives of the youngest children, between the ages of 3 to 7. The funds will go directly towards this project, executed by dedicated volunteers who will paint the rooms, refurnish the classrooms, and obtain supplies such as classroom benches, school clothes, bags, books, educational toys, and sports kits. Effort is to create an atmosphere in the various schools to establish a foundation for proper education.  Amarjeet and his friends are ready to help in whatever way they can. The photos below were taken of the children who need help, along with examples of good schools which may be replicated. The cost per room is approximately 25000 rupees (~$350 USD).

The goal is to supply these children and schools with the materials to create a positive environment for them to be motivated towards education for a brighter future, instead of falling prey to drugs and crime. Amarjeet and his friends have donated their own money towards this project, but are also asking for additional donations to keep this project going.  Collective donations will be sent directly to Amarjeet to fund this project.

I hope that you or your family/friends, can help these children by donating any amount towards adopting a classroom of your own. Amarjeet will update you on the progress of these projects with the donations that you have kindly offered.

Thank you for your taking the time to read this. Many children will benefit from your generosity!