Winter Solstice Cacao Ceremony | Warming the Hearth and Heart
w/ Swaranpal & Bhajan Akal

Cost: $45 pre-register / $55 day of

The longest night of the year was originally called Yule, meaning wheel- the end and beginning of the solar year.  As our beings move into that natural rhythm of semi-hibernation of deep winter, we will journey into the safe darkness of the shamanic dream space.  Here we will let go the old stories into the fire of rebirthing,  open our hearts with the warmth of sacred Cacao and rest in sacred vibrations of ancient medicinal instruments.  Take this fire, take this hot cacao let them remind you when you need it most that the light and the warmth will return to life once again.

Come and dive into the meditative rhythm of deep winter shamanic dream space with Swaranpal Kaur and Bhajan Akal with the sacred medicine of Union; raw Ecuadorian Cacao! The longest night of the year will be honored with a Altar based live sound meditation- multi lineage Cacao ceremony;  weaving together the unified elements of Kundalini Yoga, Tantric Tibetan Buddhism meditations, tribal dance, culminating in a extended sound bath.The ceremony and sound bath will feature Nepalese, Southern China, and German planetary gongs, shamanic drums, Flutes, and various other mystical instruments supported by chakra based light.