A 90 Day Sadhana

1. Kriya for Relaxation and Releasing Fear
"This kriya dissolves tension throughout the body and brings you to a state of calm, where you can “achieve God’s Light in you” and feel a deep sense of oneness. Give yourself this gift, release your fears, and relish in the resulting relaxation." 

2. Tershula Kriya
Shiva represents Tershula which is the past, present and future. It is said that one who believes they are the past, present and future; creates a place for God to come in. This meditation also helps with the self healing process and working with phobias.

3. Yoga for Prosperity Meditation: To Tap Opportunities
"This is an incredibly powerful meditation. When Yogi Bhajan taught it, he suggested teaching it to someone who is penniless and watching what happens. I can attest that it works. This is the meditation I was doing when I found the publisher for this book. It enhances intuition so that we can tap opportunities around us and know when we are going in the right direction."

"It may take a couple of months to bring this meditation under your control, but if you do this meditation for ninety days, it can activate your brain so that you can know exactly what is what. It can make it intuitively possible for you to live creatively to your own potential and to tap the opportunities around you" - Yogi Bhajan