Cost: $45

Experience the Power of Internal Martial Arts, Tai Chi, Qigong, Body Alignment, and Animalistic Movement in Manhattan, NYC! Improve your body alignment, structure, physical strength, internal power, circulation, energy level, health, fitness, and mental awareness.

This workshop is conducted by Master Mark Li at Hari NYC yoga studio in midtown Manhattan. Master Li is the 1st generation inheritor and lineage holder of Xinyi-Dao system. Please visit our website below to learn more about the power of Xinyi-Dao system.

Through this workshop, participants will learn Qigong exercises to cultivate internal energy or Qi, movements for enhancing body alignment and structure, natural animalistic movement for developing unique powerful body mechanics and animalistic instinct, and practical martial arts applications driven by unique body mechanics of the Xinyi-Dao system.

This workshop is hosted by Hari NYC yoga studio and Xinyi-Dao system.

Xinyi-Dao Website:

PS - If you're a Kundalini Yoga practitioner, this is a great compliment to your seated practice. Not only will you be standing, but you will be focused on grounding your energy and opening the body to enable better circulation and the Earth to flow through you!