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May 19th, June 9th & June 23rd 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Cost per workshop: $45 pre-registration / $60 day of

As Kundalini teachers and practitioners you are training with specific techniques that awaken tremendous amounts of consciousness and energy. Your body is where all of this lives, where everything happens and is the container for your life. Let's learn how to use ourselves and the world around us more efficiently.

Join Senior Katonah Yoga Instructor Ivy Ray and the Kundalini Community as we methodically grow/build a more safe, sane, potent, functional you, a viable container for everything that you are.

From the magic in math, pattern and measure and the pragmatic mysticism of Tao, to the power of the skillful manipulation of time and personal space, we will orient and organize ourselves via Nevine Michaans Maps, formalize our fit to up our function and employ simple tools and techniques to enhance not only your Kundalini but your over-all wellbeing, Your Mind, Your Life.


Katonah Yoga: A Full Spectrum Emergent System. Individual/Communal Practice for Personal/Universal Well-Being.

Note from Hari -
"In our Teacher Training Level One manual it clearly states that two things are “assumed” in order to practice Kundalini Yoga. These two things are the body locks and proper asana! I am an explorer and a scientist and a lover. One of my initiatives in teaching and training people in the outrageous practices of Kundalini Yoga is to communicate the power of embodiment - the feminine and masculine balance of kundalini energy - of the connection between mind, body, and love/imagination/spirit. In this way we can truly find liberation and enjoy life together.

Empower your Kundalini Practice and yourself by taking time to study the magic of the physical and mental forms we occupy in time and space. This study is rocket fuel for your practice of Kriyas and meditations. “The more grounded we get the further we can expand our mind, and the further we expand our mind, the more grounded and authentic we can get.” Chris Chen.

These workshops are bankable hours toward your Katonah Yoga Certification

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Ivy Ray is a Senior Katonah Yoga® Instructor and began working w Nevine Michaan in 1998 and was certified in her then 3 year program in 2001. Ivy is a Mother, native New Yorker, singer, formerly signed recording artist, voice over talent, published songwriter and consultant. She is a life long scholar and practitioner of many of the worlds great traditions. Her primary blueprints are Tao, Katonah Yoga and Ken Wilber’s Intergral Theory. Her forte for nearly 2 decades has largely been private instruction. She’s worked with elites in business, sports, literature, music and the arts, much therapeutics and all the lovely in between. Ivy has re emerged as a unique potent voice in public class, teacher trainings, workshops, immersions and sound meditations.

Ivy’s life and teaching is continually informed by the magic and wisdom of what has been, the privilege and great joy of her son, and the daily grace, grit and beauty of all things life. Ivy resides in New York City

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