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Hari NYC Treehouse is welcoming the Dream Hive to NYC 
The Dream Hive is a new yoga studio opening up in SOHO in October.
Harpriya has a beautiful vision that Hari Kaur shares.
We both wish to empower women and each other, children, and young people. We both wish each other the very best in all endeavors of healing and uplifting people by dedicating our spaces to Kindness and Grace

Hari and her staff welcome the Dream Hive and know we will enjoy all collaborations together in our shared future.

Enjoy a deep practice of kriya and meditation with Hari and Louisa Harpriya.
Give yourself time and space to grow wiser and love deeper.

This fall equinox balance point will be our springboard for practices that increase resilience and strength to penetrate through the natural shifts and crossroads into the experience of clarity wisdom and love.

Really - we just want to create great spaces of energy healing and relaxation together!
Vegan treats time to chat and relax.