Cost: $45 pre-register, $50 day of

Join Crytsal R. Priya for a Group Healing Transformational Workshop. The sound of healing plants, as they are growing from the Earth, will electromagnetically transmit HAPPY and HEALTHY vibrations from Your Past to your Present into your own stem cells.

This is a multi-cultural, multi-disciplinary and a NEW highly experiential approach to your healing on molecular level! You will experience the most powerful effect of your own innate PRIMORDIAL SOUL SOUND and the vibrational UNIQUE signals of alive growing plants as healing alive organisms!

With humming, drumming, breath, imagery, and movement.

You will experience:

  • Aura clearing & energy Blocks shifting

  • Removing other people's negative influences.

  • Unexpected healing

  • Chakra balancing

  • Strengthening of your intuition

  • Connection with the source

  • and your INNER TRUE SELF

You can bring your crystals and a bottle of water to charge and amplify the energy.

Artwork by Danielle "Bhavya" Winter —

Purchase her work at ABC Carpet and Home — A Portion of her proceeds goes to to support many projects and education for children at a holistic school in Bihar, North India