Led By Dharma Devi (Shakti Dance™️ Lead Trainer in the U.S.)

Thursday October 26th, 2017

From 6:30pm-9pm

At HariNYC the Treehouse

What is Shakti Dance™️?
Founded by Sara Avtar, Shakti Dance is the yoga of dance, it is inspired to Kundalini Yoga and blessed by Yogi Bhajan in 2001.

Dharma Devi, who has studied this technique directly with Sara Avtar for over 15 years, has brought this practice to the U.S., and she is now the only Lead trainer in the country.

Throughout the years, Dharma has developed her very unique way to share this practice, and during her classes, you will surely experience the typical benefits of a Shakti Dance class. Additionally Dharma will transport into another world made of beauty, elegance and sensuality by evoking your inner feminine energy using gentle yet powerful movements to awaken the energy flow in the body, so you can feel the beauty coming from within.

A Shakti Dance class led by Dharma usually leaves you gently empowered, and definitely feeling more sensual and beautiful.


Benefits of Shakti Dance™️(Just few):

  • Helps with Self-confidence

  • Strengthens the body

  • Develops coordination

  • Develops meditative and calm mind

  • Clears unwanted emotions

  • Helps Self-Esteem 

  • Develops creativity

  • Brings joy


What’s the difference with other types of yoga Dance?

Shakti Dance™️, is well known for being a very complete technique. Shakti Dance incorporates the science of yoga in each movement, each part of the class, including free dance. This is a very meditative practice, and it is a sacred type of dance that leads you to merge with your higher self and feel more connected to your soul. Shakti Dance has a very specific structure that guarantees you will always finish class feeling harmonized and regenerated. The structure of a Shakti Dance class it self is healing and perfectly built to create inner balance.

By October 22nd: $30 + eventbrite fee
After October 22nd: $40 + eventbrite fee

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