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June 29-30-July 1
July 20-21-22

Fri: 5:30 pm - 9:00 pm
Sat-Sun: 8:30 am - 4:00 pm

With this 50hr intro training, we would like to offer you the opportunity to experience how yoga intertwines and merges with the element of dance and mindful movements. This short program will teach you how to use the sound (rhythms and melody) as a source of meditation and transformation. We have structured this program in 50hr training, 35hr of which in the classroom, and 15hr dedicated to a home project.

These 50hr determines an opening to the richer program to become a yoga dance teacher. Moreover, it is also an opportunity to start to work with Dharma Devi as she develops her unique way to use dance and graceful movements to transform emotions into devotion as Hari Kaur always says when she talks about Dharma's skills. 

Therefore, with this 50hr you get lots of perks. First of all, you learn how to transform yoga into dance and dance into yoga, and you will learn to activate the principle of Shakti as both a source of creativity and transformation. Second, by attending this program, you will have the chance to enjoy some practical benefits: 

~  If you decide to attend a full 250hr Shakti Dance™ Teacher Training, you'll get a $350 off on the Lev. 1 tuition fee, and we will cut your 30 class requirement in half;

~ You will be included in Dharma Devi Sub-list for the state of NY and NJ (conditions apply, please read below);

~ If you will decide to study with Dharma Devi in her "Mystic of Dance Programs" you will have 10% discounts on each significant seminar of 2 or more days (it doesn't apply to the 1-day workshop). To know more about this program, please talk directly to Dharma Devi. 

This 50hr intro training to yoga dance will include some Shakti Dance™ experience, but it will not give you the full certification as Shakti Dance™ Instructor Lev. 1, for which you'll need the whole program recognized by the Shakti Dance Academy and created by Sara Avtar.

Instead, this program is an excellent opportunity to start your collaboration with Dharma Devi and help her spreading grace and love throughout the world.

Program topics include:

The First-Weekend:
Anthropology of Dance and performance:
~ Shakti as a healing principle: what's shakti for real.
   the three Shaktis forces
~ When yoga merges with Dance and vice-versa: A short history of dance;
~ sacred alignment:
   Bandhas and Gunas and five elements;
   basic shakti stretching simple sequence;

The second-weekend:
The Spirituality of Dance and Performance:
~ Shiva as balancing principle: what's Shiva for real
   The three Shiva forces
~ Rhythm and phrasing: the divine union
~  Sacred dancing:
   Flowing elements
   The impulse of the gunas
   Basic shakti standing simple sequence;
~ Still mediation VS Celestial communication

Before May 31st $575
Before June 14th $675
After June 14th $775

Requirments to fulfill the 50hr introduction training and receive a $350 coupon* to use exclusively toward the Shakti Dance TT Lev. 1, as well as the requirements to be included in the subbing list for Dharma Devi only:

~ Attend all classes;
~ fulfill and finish the 15hr home project (read below the details);
~ Take at least 5 Shakti Dance classes with Dharma Devi;
~ Full payment done by the due date.

*you'll receive a $350 coupon at the end of the program when you have fulfilled all the requirements.

Pre-requisite to join the program:
~ the most crucial pre-requirement is to understand that this is not a Shakti Dance Lev. 1 certification, but an introduction to the full 240hr program;
~ another vital pre-requisite is to have taken at least 1 class or workshop with Dharma Devi;
~ No need to be a dancer or an expert yogi.

Information about the 15hr project (only for those who wants to be included in the sublist or for those who wish to enjoy this project):
~ you will have to create a sequence of stretching, videotape it and send it to Dharma Devi for evaluation;
~ you will have to create a series of standing exercises, videotape it and e-mail it to Dharma Devi for evaluation;
~ write a short essay (3 to 5pages the most) on a topic of your choice among those discussed during the training;
~ attend one skype call on July 11th at 7-8pm.

About Dharma Devi
Dharma is an Italian woman who moved to the U.S. a few years ago to change her life. She has been practicing yoga since childhood; she is a traveler, an artist, and a healer. She has been teaching for over 20 years traveling among all Europe, the United States, and Canada.

Dharma Devi holds an Italian degree in history and anthropology of performance, and she is a Yoga lead Teacher Trainer (E-RYT200), Kundalini Yoga Associate Teacher Trainer, and the only Shakti Dance™ Lead Trainer in the country. Founder of "Kundalini Rhythms" and Shakti Dance™ School director in the U.S., Dharma Devi now lives in NJ and actively teaches in NYC. For more info about Dharma's work check: www.simonayoga.com or www.shaktidanceusa.com