Saturday, April 13
8:30 am - 5:30 pm (includes 1.5 hour class and meal/tea breaks)
Price: $108 (pre-registration) $125 (day-of)

A Kundalini Yoga course for a new understanding of your mind, its powers and perils, and how you can apply it to create peace, health, and happiness instead of stress, anxiety, and destruction

What is the mind and what does it do? Hardly anyone, including scientists and health-care professionals has definite answers to these fundamental questions. However, yogic teachings provide amazing insights and fill the gaps that Western science hasn’t reached yet.

Does your mind act like a gracious servant or a disobedient child? Yogi Bhajan says the mind was given to us as a servant of our soul, but very few people have a truly functional relationship with their minds. Instead, the mind has taken over inside of us and the world at large. Incessant thinking and identification with thought are the norm, cutting us off from life itself—and high levels of stress, anxiety, and destruction are a direct result.

This course is designed to help you understand and break the dominance of the mind and make it your friend instead of an enemy. We will explore ancient yogic teachings that are the source of true health and happiness, while manifesting beauty and prosperity. We will learn and practice techniques to heal our mental and physical health, our environments, and the planet.

 Topics include:

  • Yogic Anatomy of the Mind - What, where, why is it?

  • Intuition versus Intellect - Thoughts and Emotions.

  • Incessant thinking - Ways to stop and heal.

  • The Process of Manifestation - A basic human capacity.

  • Mind-made realities - Trouble or Paradise?

  • Identifying the work of the mind in your life.

  • The ego and its games.

  • Types of Meditation & Tools for taming the mind.

  • Yoga for creating a new foundation of mind and spirit.

For all levels. Please wear comfortable clothes for yoga and meditation and bring a pen and notebook.