Kundalini Yoga and Meditation, Qi Gong and Conscious Movement


Hari  on the Road – scroll down for her schedule.

Please see daily calendar for holiday class schedules, cancellations, and special classes.


7:00pm-8:30       Kundalini Yoga Gong Hari


4:30am-7:00am -Early morning practice all welcome – Prabhu Anand Christina and staff

6:00-7:30pm        Kundalini Yoga -Hari


9:30am-11:00     Kundalini Yoga- Hari

6:00pm-7:30     Kundalini Yoga- Hari

8:00-9:30 – Qi Gong – Kyle Shinners


12:00-1:00pm – Lunchtime Kundalini Yoga  - Diana

6:30-8:30pm Recite Your Soul – Jaap Ji with Satkirin


9:30am-11:00        Kundalini Yoga – Hari

2:00pm-3:30pm Illumined Woman – Hari

6:00pm-7:30pm   Kundalini Yoga-Christina Prabhu Anand


No classes – have a great day


4:30pm-6:00   Kundalini Yoga for Healing and Rejuvenation -Hari


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Hari on the Road - Hari is in NYC.


Hari with Anda – Jiwan Kaur team with the Hyatt Hotel to share Kundalini Yoga with women travelers. Click here and watch these!










Events &Workshops

Satkirin Kaur Khalsa – Chanting and Mantra Series












Recite Your Soul – Jaap Ji

Oct 23rd, Oct 30th and Nov 6th

6:30 – 8:30pm

3 part series -$75 if pre-registered

individually – $30 if pre-registered or $35 day of

In 1469 a great soul known as Guru Nanak came to this planet singing a song that transformed people’s lives from mundane and troubled to illuminated and inspired. This great song came to be known as ”Jap Ji.” It consists of 40 parts or “pauri’s.”  Each “pauri” gives us insight into the structure of life and Infinity. By reciting each ”pauri,” we bring our minds to a state of self exalted thinking. We will sing, meditate and study these 40 steps. Studying and meditating on Jap Ji, we will learn how to flip the mind from the finite to the Infinite, so that we may lift up ourselves and others.

No meditation or chant experience necessary. You may attend the whole series or just a single class.














































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