Kundalini Yoga and Meditation, Qi Gong and Conscious Movement


Hari  on the Road – scroll down for her schedule.

Please see daily calendar for holiday class schedules, cancellations, and special classes.


7:00pm-8:30       Kundalini Yoga Gong -Hari


6:00-7:30am Sunrise Kundalini – Prabhu Anand

6:00-7:30pm        Kundalini Yoga -Hari

8:00-9:30pm        Candlelight Kundalini Restorative – Tamara


9:30am-11:00     Kundalini Yoga- Hari

6:00-7:30pm  Kundalini Yoga – Hari

8:00-9:30pm Qi Gong – Chris Chen


12:00-1:00pm Lunchtime Kundalini – Diana

6:30-9:30pm Healthy Breast Program with Amrit Nam Kaur first of three sessions- attend one or all sessions


9:30am-11:00        Kundalini Yoga -Diana

2:00pm-3:30pm Illumined Woman – Christina

6:00pm-7:30pm   Kundalini Yoga-Christina Prabhu Anand


3:00-4:30 Kundalini – Elise

5:00-6:30 Yin Yoga – Elise


4:30pm-6:00   Kundalini Yoga for Healing and Rejuvenation -Zita


Click here to view our complete schedule and calendar.

Hari on the Road - Hari is on the Road in Millis from Thursday Jan 29 through Sunday Feb 1 Hari will be teaching the Gong Class Monday Feb. 2




Saturday Series Kundalini Yoga and Yin Yoga with Elise Constantine

Saturday Jan 31th and Feb 21           Kundalini Yoga 3:00-4:30pm $15.00 Yin Yoga 5:00-6:30pm $15.00

Saturday Kundalini and Yin Yoga Series

Back-to-Back Kundalini and Yin Yoga Classes.  Join in for one or both classes.

This unique offering will be back-to-back yoga classes. Kundalini Yoga and Yin Yoga are outwardly very different, but both practices emphasize deep awareness of the Self and subtle energies of the mindbody. The Kundalini Yoga class will include vigorous physical postures and movement, dynamic breathwork, chanting and meditation. After a 30-minute break (with time for tea and chatting), we will move into a Yin Yoga practice of deep stretches performed while sitting or lying down interspersed with periods of total relaxation. No previous yoga experience is necessary for either class.


HEALTHY BREAST PROGRAM , the famous program from Dr. Sat Dharam ND is in NYC being presented by AMRIT NAM KAUR from Mallorca this month. Please join us for

Thurs Jan 22, and 29 #$35.00 per session

in-depth training for Breast Health. Amazing course. Living in harmony with ourselves, our families, our environment, and our planet. As we heal ourselves, we heal our world. Regarding Breast Cancer – this course is to protect, prevent and recuperate. Women – all welcome! Call studio at 212-465-0606 or  click here to register online











Level Two Aquarian Teacher Training – Authentic Relationships at the Treehouse


with Hari and Gurumeher (author of Senses of the Soul)

Friday-Sunday March 6-8 and Friday – Sunday March 13-15


$850.00 pre-reg with full payment by Feb 6th, $950.00 Thereafter

call 212-465-0606 for information – all interested students welcome

50 hour Level Two Course (accredited by Yoga Alliance and KRI) providing an opportunity to explore your depths and connect with others. Included Kundalini Yoga, meditation, kriya, interactive exercises, discussions and powerful video clases with Yogi Bhajan.










































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